Results of the project

  • InnTense aims to influence and encourage the other pilot agencies, being active in designing and implementing new approaches for different innovation-related topics in SMEs, to apply the approach and methodology used by InnTense project – interactive knowledge and best practice exchange where all participants contribute and tune the collected knowledge in DOP (Design Option Paper). The aim of the InnTense is to serve as good example of the collaboration and joint development of the DOP between the agencies’ from the different countries by providing the enhanced and reliable results and added value for a future incentives.
  • The quality and effectiveness of the innovation services delivered to support innovations in SMEs have a flawless contribution in boosting the regional development, therefore crating the EU added value. InnTense has a strong orientation to make an influence on the national/regional policy and regulations in order to secure the easier access to the knowledge, information flows, best practice exchange and financing options for the SMEs sector. Engagement of the agencies’ experienced in working with different branches of SMEs and dealing with different innovation support services is highly valuable in the process of justifying the importance of the innovation support for SEMs to be adopted by the national and regional programmes. The design and delivery mechanism of innovation support programmes determine to a large extent the economic impact of the region.
  • The result of the InnTense will include the wide range of the topics and factors especially focused on the OI practices. These results will be analysed and evaluated in DOP paper. The new approach for screening, analysis and evaluation of the current best practices will serve as a foundation for the other pilot agencies interested to design and implementation the new methodologies, integrating and addressing other specific demand driven innovation support challenges.
  • Collaboration and intensive interactive exchange of the three InnTense innovation agencies will contribute to a significant improvement and wider use of the quality management with an aim of the enhancement of the service delivery and acceleration or the learning processes. For service providers, such as innovation support agencies, is it crucial to keep the quality of the preformed services on the high level, as only in this was the customers will be satisfied by the provided service. The collaboration within the InnTense project will definitely have a positive influence on the agencies involved as in this way the opportunities for the enhancement of the single agency will be valuable.
  • In addition, InnTense project intends to cover one of the aspects which can be considered as a key success factor for many SMEs – redirecting the up-to-date intently oriented business models to the new and widespread opportunities offered by OI model.
  • InnTense Project aimes at establishing better innovation support to SMEs doesn’t expect to face any obstacles or framework conditions which may determinate whether and to what extent the Projects expected impacts will be achieved. The achievement of the foreseen Project results will depend on the experiences and operational possibilities of the Project partners and their capacities to establish the network-based cooperation for development of the better approaches.