Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ)

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ), is a part of the Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH, an entity within the Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Promotion founded by the government of BadenWürttemberg in 1971. The Foundation runs approximately 600 so-called “Technology Transfer Centres” mainly in Baden-Württemberg, but also in other regions in Germany and Europe. The Technology Transfer Centres are mostly attached to research organisations in order to secure close connection between R&D and industry. More than 3.000 researchers, consultants and engineers carry out more than 20.000 contracts per year to improve strategy, product and process development of companies. The SEZ has yearlong experience in organizing workshops, conferences and brokerage events for technology transfer, as well as finding partners for proposals. SEZ supports also actively its clients in their innovation and exploitation strategies. In 2017 SEZ was involved in 58 funded projects (of which 73% are financed by different EU funding programmes) with 439 partners from 39 countries were implemented. Since 2008, SEZ has been a member of the regional European Enterprise Network (EEN) consortia.
Core activities of SEZ are: to assist SMEs and research organizations to participate in European R&D projects, to promote transnational technology transfer, to support the management of international research projects, to coordinate support actions and cluster activities as well as future strategies, to stimulate and support the innovation process in industrial companies, focused on SMEs

Business Innovation centre s.r.l. – Italy

Innova BIC s.r.l ( was established in December 1994 on the initiative of DGXVI in the field of a Community programme actuating “European Centres of enterprise and innovation” (CEII or Business Innovation centre). Its shareholders are the Municipality of Messina, the University of Messina and the Provincial administration of Messina. Innova BIC represents the interface between productive and social world, local authorities and research institutions, facilitating dialogue and the local development. In addition, it acts as link between the local context and local industries and the foreign markets, fostering the internationalization of the local economy and the attraction of investments. Innova BIC is an organization specialized in technology transfer and in the support of S&T policies, in particular in the Mediterranean Area. Innova BIC acts as an agency for the development of the territories through training, project management, strategic consultancy, etc. Innova BIC has an extensive background in European Programme on energy, water treatment and transport fields. In particular, in the FP7 and H2020, it was project coordinator of ETRERA_2020 ( & InnoMedia ( and partner in several projects, such as 5TOI_4EWAS (, FP4BATIW project (, the BILAT EU-TUNISIA FETRIC (, FrontierCities and frontierCities2 projects ( & frontierCities2) and relevant projects such as ERECI under EuropeAid and CERTUS project by Intelligent Energy Efficiency Programme. Innova BIC is also involved in Regional and National Programmes aiming to enhance entrepreneurial skills and local development.

Croatian Chamber of Economy

The Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) is an independent professional and business organization for all legal entities engaging in business within the Republic of Croatia. It was established in 1852, organized along European tradition lines as an institution which represents Croatian economic interests and on the so-called continental Chamber system, with compulsory membership. The Headquarters are located in Zagreb, while the entire territory of Croatia is covered by regional (county) chambers, under the scope of the headquarters in Zagreb.
The CCE covers all industry sectors, from trade to metal production, tourism, energy and so on. Based on that, the CCE has the largest database of information about Croatian economy. Furthermore, in addition to its own database, the CCE co-operates with the database of the Commercial Court, Financial Agency, Tax Administration, Central Bureau of Statistics and with companies.
In this manner the CCE has been entrusted:

  • to promote Croatian economy,
  • to organize a continuous process of professional and business education, work upgrade and general business of member companies, all of it in order to accomplish higher grade of members’ competitiveness,
  • to expand the network of economic representations abroad,
  • to offer assistance in the process of selection and professional training of commercial attachés and economic advisors,
  • to support competitiveness of Croatian economy.

Along with it, the cooperation between CCE and Croatian universities is continuously harmonizing economic needs with the labour market. Their aim is to establish a strong connection between the economy and academic community, thus they continue to advocate the implementation of the system of dual education in Croatia.
Center for Industrial development (CIRAZ), as a organizational unit within CCE, is in the cooperation with Ministry of Economy, entrepreneurship, and crafts as a partner institution in charge for implementation activities of three major national strategies in the field of business sector competitiveness: Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), Industrial Strategy, and Innovation Encouragement Strategy.
Implementation of mentioned strategies is carried through 2 strategic projects financed from Regional Development Funds:

  1. Strategic project for support of cluster competitiveness initiatives
  2. Strategic project for support of the establishment of Innovation network for industry and thematic innovation platforms

The overall objective of the Strategic project for support of cluster competitiveness initiatives is to contribute to the increase of competitiveness and specialization of Croatian economy according to Smart Specialization Strategy, its transformation and structural changes of the economy, and to encourage commercialization of innovations and internationalization of business sector through smart skills strengthening. One of the main activities within the project is strategic analysis and evaluation of the competitiveness of Croatian economy within global value and supply chain in order to identify specific niches and markets with the objective of a proactive approach to attain foreign direct investment.
The purpose of the Strategic project for support of the establishment of Innovation network for industry and thematic innovation platforms is to create an efficient and self-sustainable framework for support and encouragement of business sector investment in R&D as well as raise the awareness about the importance of research, development and innovation in business sector for identifying new potentials of industrial growth, new jobs, competitiveness increase, modernization and diversification of Croatian economy.